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Begin mining the DuoVerse asset token, Vanadium on any device for free.   


Nitro is the meme-token to the DuoVerse. Earn Nitro by referring friends or purchasing with VANA. Use Nitro by participating in Chance competitions, buying NFT mystery boxes and more!   


Buy a ticket now for your chance to win exclusive DuoVerse NFTs!  

Mystery Boxes

Use Nitro to purchase a NFT mystery box, which contains the rarest, most sacred NFTs within the DuoVerse.   

Connect to the verse with DUO

DÜO the trading card game combines the futuristic world of NFTs with the classic feel of physical cards. For the collector, nothing beats the feeling of cracking open a new pack of cards. For the futurist, an NFT provides ownership as it should be — modular, tradable, meltable, and blockchain-secured.

Maximize your VMining earnings with DUO Cards.

Take your VMining to the next level with DuoVerse Upgrade and Build cards. These all-new physical DUO cards can be used to increase your mining potential on DuoVerse and earn more VANA.

Original artwork by geeks, for geeks.

DÜO cards canonize crypto pioneers and events like Satoshi Nakamoto and the Bitcoin Pizza with incredible illustrations by pro artists and blockchain geeks. NFTs preserve the authenticity of every artwork with Ethereum-based proof of ownership.

WAVE 3 coming soon. International shipping options will be available. 


Initial Concept - January 2021

Launch of first edition DUO collectibles.

DuoVerse Beta 1.0 Launch - August 2021

Launch of community platform. Features include forums, messaging and ability to earn VANA.

DuoVerse Beta 1.1 update - September 2021

Bug fixes, design improvements and introduction of transfers function.

DuoVerse 1.2 Public Launch - October 2021

Major design overhaul, bug fixes and launch of VMining platform, Chance and NFT Mystery boxes.

DuoVerse Nitro Upgrade 1.3 - November 2021

Introduction of new utility currency, Nitro. 

DUO Trading Card Game Wave 3 Launch - December 2021

Introduction of new DUO card types. Release of Wave 3 physical blockchain cards.

White paper - December 2021

In our technical white paper, we detail our plan of how we will provide value to VANA holders and investors.

Geekoid Token Launch - April 2022

The launch of our native blockchain asset token.

DuoVerse "Golden gate" Upgrade 1.4 - October 2022

This major system upgrade includes a bridge which allows users of DuoVerse to exchange their VANA for our native blockchain token.

More on the way!

More roadmap information will become available after the release of our whitepaper.

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