a fit place for the gods to assemble

Experience the freedom of exploration, the thrills of war and the complex challenges associated with capitalism, government and society.


Next-Gen graphics

A first-person tactical shooter boasting razor-sharp 3D graphics, intuitive controls and thrilling sound.

True ownership

Each game asset, including planets and land parcels are tokenized, allowing users to decide how they want to trade, sell, or gift these assets.

Play to earn

DuoVerse is partially owned and operated by its users. Earn $GEEK tokens by playing and use them to improve your journey.

Play to Earn: $GEEK

Geek Contract Address: 0xB075104be9ae83a21e2Cea0BfCBFe2A236b81C30

Raid planets

Use tactical combat strategies to defeat defenses, overcome adversaries and breach the walls of planet treasuries.

Own & conquer

Buy, sell and trade the hottest asset in the DuoVerse- LAND. Own a planet? Mint and sell your own LAND parcels.

Create & Sell

Create digital products, services and experiences that users crave and sell them on the open market. 

Invest & Trade

Have a reason to believe the price of ENRG will increase? Place bets on the price movements of DV commodities and earn. 

Mint your membership

Contract Address: 0xA38c04Ded91de5FE5eB14109B79cc5248698245E


Host the most exclusive events in the DV

Limited to 1200

License to host events & sell tickets  

Token Airdrop

Center of Innovation and Defense

Influence wars & sell your own weapon designs on the Black Market

Limited to 1200

License to design and sell weapons  

Token Airdrop

Markets and Exchange Commission

Manipulate the DV Economy for your own financial gain

Limited to 1050

Commissions (%) from Futures Market Trades

Token Airdrop

Founder's Club

Own a Planet & lead a new civilization

Limited to 250

Ownership rights to (1) Planet

Token Airdrop

Geek Secret Society

Instant GEEK whale & member of an underground DV cabal.

Limited to 100

GSS Access

XL Token Airdrop

E-Advertising Placement Division

Control the masses through intergalactic advertising

Limited to 1200

Exclusive Advertising Rights & Benefits

XL Token Airdrop

The Reveal

Each membership offers its own set of unique benefits and ownership privileges. You cannot choose your membership type, as they will be issued randomly. On an undisclosed reveal date, membership cards will display a new symbol; referencing your membership package.

Mint Price .08 ETH

VMining is live!

Begin mining VANA from any device now. 

Total VANA Mined



VANA is a highly-concentrated store of computational power.  It’s used to power satellite equipment, but it can also be traded among market investors and speculators.

VANA’s supply is uncapped, but issuance for the currency is dynamic and demand for the in-game currency will increase as more utility becomes available.


Initial Concept - January 2021

Launch of first edition DUO collectibles.

DuoVerse Beta 1.0 Launch - August 2021

Launch of community platform. Features include forums, messaging and ability to earn VANA.

DuoVerse Beta 1.1 update - September 2021

Bug fixes and design improvements.

DuoVerse 1.2 Public Launch - October 2021

VMining is LIVE!

ERC TOKEN - March 2022

$GEEK token contract created and verified on etherscan.

DV WhitePaper - April 2022

The whitepaper detailing our mobile gaming metaverse and token are released.

NFT Launch - April 2022

5,000 unique membership NFTs with exclusive in-game benefits will be available for purchase.

Marketing Push - May 2022

Focus on brand awarness and upcoming token sale.

$GEEK Token Sale - June 2022


Dashboard Upgrade 1.4 - October 2022

New online dashboards to host token transactions and NFT mangement/sub-minting.

iOS Release 1.0 - December 2022

The first release of the DuoVerse iOS application. 

Google Play Release 1.0 - January 2023

The first release of the DuoVerse application for Android devices. 

More on the way!

More roadmap information regarding mobile app development will become available after all partnership discussions have completed. 

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