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What is the DÜOVERSE?

The DÜOVERSE is a play-to-earn gaming platform issuing off-chain tokens with Geekoid integrated physical products and crypto collectibles.

Is there a roadmap?

Our timelines, priorities, and capabilities are always evolving so we prefer keeping our cards close to our chest; for the time being. I can say, a Wave 3 DÜO card sale and native token launch are two of our larger initiatives on the immediate horizon.

Why was my account suspended?

Members who deliberately abuse earning any free tokens on the site will be suspended. This includes, but is not limited to, VMining with duplicate accounts, transferring tokens between duplicate accounts, and earning referrals with duplicate accounts.

How can I refer friends, exchange, and transfer tokens?

All of these features are now available on the Wallet page. Navigate to your Wallet and submit the KYC registration form. Once verified, your account will be granted access to this page and all of its features.


What are DÜO cards?

DÜO cards canonize crypto pioneers and events like Satoshi Nakamoto and the Bitcoin Pizza with incredible illustrations by pro artists and blockchain geeks. NFTs preserve the authenticity of every artwork with Ethereum-based proof of ownership.


How can I buy packs?

Packs are sold periodically throughout the year in limited quantities, referred to as “Waves.”


When is the cryptocurrency launch?

Soon 🙂

Can we exchange VANA, ENRG, & NITRO for the new token?

The tokenomics and specific use cases are still under R&D. ENRG will not be exchangeable. Our asset token, VANA, and utility token, NITRO, may be exchangeable.

What are the use cases?

While it is still too soon to provide definitive answers, the goal is to implement the native token in all existing and future DÜO and DÜOVERSE use cases; such as backing NFTs and fueling collectible cards.


Can I buy VANA?

No. At this early stage, VANA can only be mined in our VMining simulation.


What can I spend my VANA on?

VANA can be stacked for future use cases and exchanges, or it can be converted into NITRO to purchase NFT Mystery Boxes and NFT Chance Tickets.

Is VANA related to Nirvana DeFi on Coinmarketcap?

NO. Vanadium (VANA) is NOT affiliated in any way with Nirvana (VANA).

How can I transfer or exchange my VANA?

VANA can be transferred or exchanged on the Wallet page. This page is available only to members who have been KYC Verified.


Can I buy NITRO?

At this early stage, NITRO can only be purchased by exchanging VANA on the Wallet page. These perks are only available to members who have been KYC Verified.


How can I earn more NITRO?

NITRO can be earned by referring new members to the DÜOVERSE and by updating your profile image on the MyVerse page. Members will earn 1,000 NITRO for updating their profile image and can only be earned once. Members will earn 1,000 NITRO for every new referral sign up. Earnings are capped at 10,000 NITRO per day and will expire after 3 months.

Does NITRO expire?

Only NITRO earned from referrals will expire. NITRO earned or purchased in any other way will NEVER expire. NITRO earned through referrals and not spent, will expire after 3 months. The expiration date can be tracked in the Wallet Logs under the date it was earned.

What can I spend my NITRO on?

NITRO can be stacked for future use cases and exchanges, or it can be spent on NFT Mystery Boxes and NFT Chance Tickets.


Can I buy ENRG?

No. Your ENRG balance can only be replenished by exchanging VANA in VMining. Please refer to our userguide for more information.


What can I spend my ENRG on?

ENRG’s sole purpose is to keep your VMiners operational. If you run low on ENRG, you will be unable to claim your VMining rewards until the balance is replenished.


How do I unlock new VMining levels?

Everything regarding the daily operations of VMining can be found on our userguide.

Are we actually mining cryptocurreny?

No. VMining is a fun, interactive simulation that integrates with DÜO cards and rewards miners with free VANA.

Will VMining rewards ever change?

As our community grows and tokenomics become more complex, we may alter the game or add new use cases to the simulation.


How can I purchase a DÜOVERSE NFT?

Currently, NFT’s can only be aquired by purchasing a Mystery Box or Chance tickets.

What’s in a Mystery Box?

Every mystery box includes 1 unknown NFT with a variable amount of ENJ cryptocurrency.

How does Chance work?

Members can take part in randomly generated NFT drawings by purchasing Chance tickets with NITRO. Members can buy unlimited tickets and winners are posted here. All NFT’s are fee-less and include ENJ cryptocurrency.

KYC Verification

How can I get verified?

Navigate to the Wallet page and submit the KYC form. A successful verification requires clear images and accurate information.

What is KYC?

The Know Your Client/Customer (KYC) rule is a government mandated requirement for those in the securities industry who are dealing with customers during the opening and maintaining of accounts.

How long does KYC verification take?

KYC verification timeframes vary on multiple factors; such as photo quality, form input accuracy, team priorities, and request volumes. Typically, you will be approved or contacted by our team within 1-2 business days.

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