You are now part of an elite team of VMiners vying for expansion and fortune within the ever-evolving DÜOVERSE.  To help kick off your VMining journey, we have already unlocked your LEVEL 1 VMiner and credited your account with 100 Energy (ENRG).

The first step of your journey and all daily activities moving forward will take place on the VMining dashboard ( Here, you can earn VANA, purchase ENRG, level up, and redeem DÜO cards for upgrades and parts.


Your brand new 21 kh/s digital PC (LEVEL 1) is capable of mining a new block every 24 hours after its previous claim. When the timer reaches “0H 0M 0S,” click the highlighted “CLAIM” button to earn your VANA reward.


You claim a reward at 2:00 PM on Tuesday; earning 1 VANA. You are eligible to claim your next reward from the same level anytime on or after 2:00 PM the next day; Wednesday. However, if you wait 2 weeks to claim this reward, you will still only earn 1 VANA. The timer will only reset to 24 hours after a successful claim. Be sure to log in daily to stack that VANA.


After clicking the “CLAIM” button to collect your reward, your VMiner will produce a pop-up message similar to:

Click “CONTINUE” and the system will refresh your dashboard for update-to-date balances and timers.


To further expand your VMining operation and earn more VANA, you will want to consider upgrading your equipment by unlocking the next level. Each level increases incrementally in price, hash rate, and VANA rewards. To unlock and install the next level, click the “BUY NOW” button to make a 1 time hardware purchase with your VANA balance.


Like all great things, there comes a price; Energy (ENRG). ENRG is the fuel your VMiners need to solve the next block and earn your reward. Once you click “CLAIM,” the ENRG cost associated with that level will be deducted from your ENRG balance. If your ENRG balance drops below the required cost, you will be unable to claim that reward until it is replenished. The Claim button will be replaced with: “ERROR: LOW ENERGY.” To remove this error message and begin claiming your rewards again, click the BUY ENRG button next to your ENRG balance.


If you are a savvy entrepreneur looking for quick expansion and maximum rewards, you can purchase DÜO physical cards in search for exclusive upgrades, builds, or ENRG ( Each DÜOVERSE category card will have a unique code printed on the back of the card and covered with a tamper evident seal. Codes can only be redeemed ONCE; keep them private and keep them safe!

Codes can be entered directly on the VMining Dashboard and will provide a “SUCCESS” message for all eligible codes.
UPGRADE cards will increase your VANA & ENRG balance one time after redemption.

Build cards alone, have no value for your mining operation. Though collecting all 6 BUILD cards will unlock a new, exclusive VMiner under the LEVEL 6 tab. The Level 6 VMiner allows you to claim 200 VANA every 24 hours.

VMining is a fun, interactive mining simulation. It does not require a financial investment, physical hardware, nor is it actually mining cryptocurrencies on the blockchain. Your mobile phone, PC, or any other personal electronic device(s) will not be used in any way to mine ‘real’ blocks or interact with the blockchain. THIS IS ONLY A GAME. VMining operations will only be guaranteed for 1 year after gaming launch. We reserve the full right to upgrade our gaming platform at any time to better align with DÜOVerse’s long term vision and the feedback of our community. Upgrades may or may not alter how you interact with the dashboard, your current unlocked levels, and the amount of VANA you can earn.

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